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Latest Build: 2.13 (11/02/2023) weather radar ( login only - Google and Facebook login is blocked)

NOTE: I recommended the following settings due to Google being inept:
  • Google Play Protect Issues if the weather monitoring service keeps closing out. The Google Play Protect software can mark it wrongly as unwanted software and kills the service. This can be life threatening if you rely on weather alerts. They don't even alert the user that they have taken any action against the application. I have found that it still will kill the application on Google ROMs even if the play protect is disabled. I recommend using alternative ROMs in this case, like "Lineage OS".

    If you run a logcat on your phone, you could see this if you have issues:

    W/Finsky: [52] vrj.a(49): Unwanted app (MUwS) without is_muws flag was returned with verdict POTENTIALLY_UNWANTED on autoscan: net.ruckman.snapweather

  • Disable battery optimizations. Google will try to prevent the service from using too much battery and prevents it from operating properly. Which isn't true. I took great effort to ensure good battery operation.

  • Allow location at all times even when the app is closed. Google tries to prevent background location operation which is needed to monitor weather in the background.

  • Allow notifications or the app will not be able to warn you about inclement weather warnings.

  • Whitelist the application to alert through DND (Do Not Disturb) so you can be alerted of weather alerts when sleeping. Google's Digital Wellbeing will put your wellbeing at risk by not allowing weather alerts at night.


Weather can happen in a Snap.

Get weather information when you need it for free, without ads, and have complete privacy with peace of mind. The application only needs your location to get you alerts and weather for where you currently are.

Created by: William Ruckman

Get current weather, extended weather, radar, and timely alerts with detailed descriptions..

All weather data is supplied by NOAA and NWS at via their third party APIs.
This application is not endorsed by NOAA, NWS, the provider, or their products and services.


Here is a list of featues for SnapWeatherUS!
  • United States only (Including Alaska, Hawaii, and territories)
  • Current weather from nearest station to your location
  • One week day and night extended forecast
  • Customizable weather alerts with the ability to set desired levels (Extreme, Severe, Moderate, Minor, Unknown)
  • Get alerts even if the application isn't open
  • Detailed information on weather alerts
  • Heat and Cold Warnings
    • - Blue - Feels like temperature below 0°F
    • - Yellow - Feels like temperature from 90-94°F
    • - Orange - Feels like temperature from 95-99°F
    • - Red - Feels like temperature above 100°F
  • Current and animated radar
  • Customizable radar layers
  • - Real wind direction indicator
  • Weather data is time stamped of last update and the Status indicates if any errors occur downloading from API
  • Background battery and data usage is optimized for best performance using google recommended standards (Android Developers - Optimize for battery life)
  • API and data from

English US only


Download Direct from

Scan this for malware at VirusTotal

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Website owned and maintained by William Ruckman (William AT Ruckman DOT net)